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EOT Cranes
EOT cranes are a type of material handling equipment stand for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes, which are widely used for lifting, loading,unloading and transporting bulky loads in various industries; like warehouses, mining, etc. Their endurable and cost efficient feature make them user friendly.
Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane is a dynamic material handling equipment. Due to its flexible nature it is capable of lifting huge massive weights, to light shop cranes. This type of crane is built on the top of a gantry, which enables it to straddle an article or workspace.
Crane Spares
Along with cranes, motors and machines, we are also providing crane spare parts to our esteemed customers. Availability of crane spares have made it easier to replace faulty components of cranes or equipment with these crane spare parts.
Crane Motors
We are one of the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of almost all types of crane motors. These motors are ranging from electric motor, heavy motor, mini motor to AC motors. Our respected customers can access these motors from us at leading market prices.
Winch Machine
The configuration of a Winch Machine consists a spool and an attached hand crank. It creates wind movements to maintain the tension in the wire cable. This type of winch machine is extensively used for various industrial motives.
Gear Boxes
Gear Boxes are vastly used in automotive industries. These boxes are extensively used in changing rotational speed of a crank shaft with respect to the drive shaft, which powers the wheels of the vehicle. Our gear boxes are cost efficient and gives satisfactory performance.
Crab Winch
This power driven, robust designed machine is broadly used in different types of industries to handle and maintain massive weights. It is composed of high quality materials which helps in loading and unloading weights. Winches of a crab winch machine is fully reversible.
Geared Motor
We are one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of almost all types of motors. These motors are ranging from electric motor, heavy motor, mini motor to AC motors. Our respected customers can access these motors from us at leading market prices.
Crane Fabrication
Crane Fabrication services include diverse processes such as cutting, forming, bending and more. We use highly efficient tools and equipments for the formation of cranes. These are made from mild steel for attaining robustness, rust resistance and tough strength.
Jib Cranes
These Jib Cranes are specially designed to handle lower loads. These cranes are able to conduct number of handling and lifting operations in dockyards, warehouses etc.,. Their accurate alignment make them safe for working, these are one of the most used lifting equipment in market.
Drum Power Winch Machine
''S.P.M machines are stand for Special Purpose Machines. In comparison to conventional CNC machines, these S.P.M machines are high productive tools, that offer a wide scope for high volume productions at lower costs. They are broadly used in automotive industries for specific purposes.
Overhead Crane
HOT crane is a type of overhead crane, which is manufactured by using supreme quality materials. It is mostly used to handle heavy loads, that involves lifting, loading and transporting, widely find its applications in warehouses, factories and construction companies.
Electric Hoist
Electric Hoists are easy to operate and widely used for lifting materials in bulk. These are also capable of moving goods from one spot to another. Our offered machines are highly durable and ensure fine finishing, reliability, etc.
Girder Cranes
Girder Cranes are accustomed with one or two beams along with overhead runways. These are used for transporting as well as lifting heavy loads in diverse industries such as shipping, mining, construction, etc. Our offered machines are durable and easy to operate.
Goliath Cranes
Goliath Cranes make the task of lifting as well as transportation of goods smooth and easy. These are widely acknowledged for their simple features, rugged construction, high performance efficiency and compactness. Our offered machines find their applications in material handling industries.
Crab Trolley
Our Crab Trolley is designed by applying latest technologies, which enables it to give high performance in all types of working conditions. It is efficient to lift up to 50 m of height. We are open to make some modifications in our system as per our client's requirements.
Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Wire Rope Hoist is especially designed for higher lifts with faster lifting speeds. Its exceptional strength and supreme quality make it easy to install and even easier to operate. It is an autonomous machine which is power efficient in nature.
Chain Pulley Block
Chain Pulley Block is an another material handling equipment which handles extreme heavy duty loads. Its high tensile strength and corrosion resistant nature enable it to give satisfactory performances. It is widely processed in garages, agricultural productions, wharfs, etc.
Load Testing Machine
Install a load testing machine in your workshop or factory to determine the exact load lifted by the crane. This features-rich machine is easy to operate.
Gear Box Testing
Professionals can carry out gearbox testing for customers. Under the testing service, torque carrying capacity of the gearbox at different speed is also checked.